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Friday, July 9, 2010

Richelle Mead's Succubus Series - Review Via Playlist

After my latest re-read of Richelle Mead's Succubus Series, I thought I'd review these books one-by-one. Instead of writing a just another boaring review, I thought I might build a playlist for the series. The songs progress from book one Succubus Blues, through the current book Succubus Shadows. If you haven't read these book, please don't listen, as it contains SPOILERS for this series.


If you haven't read Ms. Mead's Succubus Series, I really recommenced this series if you enjoy Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance. This author is also known for her Vampire Academy and Dark Swan Series.

A Little About the Series:

Georgina Kincaid Series

As if love wasn't hard enough! Imagine not being able to touch your boyfriend without sucking away his soul. Welcome to the world of Georgina Kincaid, a reluctant succubus living in Seattle who always seems to find herself in the middle of supernatural intrigue...

Current Books in this Series:

#1 Succubus Blues
#2 Succubus On Top
#3 Succubus Dreams
#4 Succubus Head
#5 Succubus Shadows

Richelle Mead Related Websites

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www.kensingtonbooks.com/ -Richelle's Publisher for the Succubus Books
richellemeadfans.proboards.com/ -Richelle Mean Fan Run Book Forum

Succubus Covers

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