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Thursday, February 19, 2015

AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: Crista McHugh's THE SWEETEST SEDUCTION (The Kelly Brothers, Book 1)

Series:  The Kelly Brothers, Book 1
Author:  Crista McHugh
Narrator:  Therese Plummer
Release Date:  1/16/15
Price:  $17.95
Publisher: Crista McHugh
Length:  5 hrs 17 min
Format:  Audible Edition
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My Ratings

Plot:  4/5
Setting:  4/5
Writing:  5/5
Originality of Plot:  4/5
Characters Development:  4/5
Ending:  5/5

Heat Level: 4/5
Cover Art:  4/5
Narration:  5/5
Likelihood to Recommend:  5/5

Overall:  44/50 =  88%


Lia Mantovani has created one of the hottest restaurants on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, but all that could disappear if she loses her lease with Kelly Properties. Having had her dreams ripped away from her before, she’ll do everything in her power to keep her restaurant. Her fate hangs on the whims of the frustratingly handsome Adam Kelly.

Adam has spent years trying to convince world famous chef Amadeus Schlittler to open a restaurant in Chicago, but he wants the prime location held by Lia. Business has always come first… until sparks fly when Adam meets her. When things get hot outside the kitchen, though, they’re both in danger of getting burned.


Meddling mothers might just be the biggest thing that chief Lia Mantovani and real estate mogul Adam Kelly have in common.  The two mothers decided to trick Lia into cooking an marvelous, authentic Italian dinner for Mrs. Kelly and her boys.  They hoped that Lia would find a love match with one of the Kelly boys.  After meeting Lia and trying her amazing cooking, Adam isn't sure which he like more her flavorful food or her sexy body.  Sparks fly between these two from the very beginning. To get away from the prying eyes of their family, they decide to escape on the Kelly family boat.  Then things escalate quickly, until the two are interrupted by passerby. 

Adam's having one heck of a week.  He meets this amazingly interesting women, while also working on a deal to bring world famous chef, Amadeus Schlittler, into one of his Chicago properties.  To bad the only place chef Schlittler is willing to set up a restaurant, is right where Lia's restaurant is currently located.  Adam had no idea that he held the lease for Lia's restaurant space, until he walked in with eviction papers.  Now that's the way to a women's heart!  Adam and Lia have two big even bigger problems.  He isn't the kind of man that mixed business with pleasure, and she isn't the kind of women who would rely on man.   

I picked up this book expecting a light hearted, run-of-the-mill contemporary romance, but this book was anything but cookie cutter!  Although this was a short audiobook, the author took the time to create rich characters and storylines that hooked me in.  I fell in love with Lia and Adam right off the bat, and their chemistry heated up my headphones.  I liked how Adam was this confident, powerful male, but he didn't feel the need to control Lia.  And I love how Lia had so much passion for her cooking, that she wouldn't let anyone get in the way.  Both characters made mistkes, but over all they were good people.  I loved how both characters were smart, talented, driven, and family oriented.  From the outside they seemed so different, but underneath it all they were very similar.  They both went about doing things in very different ways, which lead to many of their misunderstandings and miscommunications.  I really enjoyed the sweet HEA ending in this book.     

I will admit, that the biggest reason I picked up this audiobook was fact that the narrator was Therese Plummer.  She my might just be my all-time favorite female narrator.  When it comes to narrating romance titles, she has a magic touch.  Her voice had a sweet tone to it, that lends well to this genre. She has a wonderful ability to give such an emotional performance, that totally captures the listeners attention.  Therese takes the time to give each character their own very specific voice.  Not to mention that she creates such wonderful male voices, that the audiobook almost sounds like it has narrated by a male and a female.  I got so lost in her fantastic performance that finished this audiobook in one day!       

Overall, THE SWEETEST SEDUCTION had a lot of heart for such a short book.  The storyline kept me hooked from the first chapter.  This was a smart contemporary romance, with deep characters and  great dialogue. This first book in the Kelly Brothers series, sets the readers up for a real treat.  I can't wait to see  what kid of mischief Adam's brothers have in store for us.  If you're looking for new romance series, with a spectacular narrator, this is the one for you!

 ***Audiobook was provided by the publisher in trade for a fair review*** 

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