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Thursday, January 29, 2015


For those of you who know me, understand my love for Rachel Vincent's Shifters Series.  It was one of the first Urban Fantasy series that I picked up, as an adult. It re-kindled my love for reading.  I fell in love with the series deep characters, gut wrenching storylines, and it's true heart.  I find myself going back and re-reading this series, over and over again. 

I was so excited to when Rachel decided to pick the storyline back up in her new Wildcat's Series.  I can't wait to see glimpses of my old favorite characters, while meeting new ones as well.  This time around, the werecats are going to get sexier.  And I'm so happy, that Rachel has chosen to give Jace his moment in the spotlight.  

In honor of of LION'S SHARE's release next month, I have started another Shifters Series re-read.  I'm hoping to have all 6 books completed by then.  If you haven't picked up this amazing series, take this chance to check it out!



Lion’s Share by Rachel Vincent
(Wildcats #1)
Publication date: February 23rd 2015
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal


Abby Wade has a dangerous secret.
Two months ago, she disobeyed an order, but instead of kicking her out of the Pride, Jace offered her a job. Since then, she’s been battling a completely inappropriate crush on the young, hot Alpha. But when accepting his job offer seems like the only way to keep her skeletons safely in their closet, Abby doesn’t hesitate. 

Jace Hammond has a big problem.
A rogue is slaughtering humans in his territory, and he must eliminate the threat before the entire shifter species is exposed. There could not be a worse time for Abby to accept a job he only offered as a boost to her confidence. Abby is smart, beautiful, and resilient—more than enough to distract any man from the mission. Unfortunately, she may just be the worst enforcer ever to hold the title.
As they hunt the killer, Abby’s secret becomes a threat to Jace’s authority and to her own life. But the real danger is the grip she has on his twice-shy heart.

Author Bio:

Rachel Vincent is the author of the Shifters series and the Unbound series for adults, as well as the Soul Screamers series for teens.

Rachel's next young adult book is THE STARS NEVER RISE, coming from Delacorte in June of 2015, and her new series for adults will debut with MENAGERIE, coming from Mira books in the fall of 2015

Rachel Vincent is a former English teacher and an eager champion of the Oxford comma. She shares her home in Oklahoma with two cats, two teenagers, and her husband, who's been her # 1 fan from the start. Rachel is older than she looks and younger than she feels, and she remains convinced that writing about the things that scare her is the cheapest form of therapy--but social media is a close second.

Author Links:

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015



Series:  Elder Races Bk 1

Author:  Thea Harrison
Narrator:  Sophie Eastlake
Release Date:  07/18/11
Price:  $29.99
Publisher:  Tantor Audio
Length:  12 hrs 59 min

Format:  MP3-CD
Purchase at Tantor or Amazon


My Ratings

Plot:  4.5/5
Setting:  5/5
Writing:  4.5/5
Originality of Plot:  5/5
Characters Development:  4.5/5
Ending:  5/5

Cover Art:  4/5
Narration:  4.5/5
Likelihood to Recommend:  5/5

Overall:  42/45 =  93%  


Half-human and half-wyr, Pia Giovanni spent her life keeping a low profile among the wyrkind and avoiding the continuing conflict between them and their Dark Fae enemies. But after being blackmailed into stealing a coin from the hoard of a dragon, Pia finds herself targeted by one of the most powerful–and passionate—of the Elder Races.

As the most feared and respected of the wyrkind, Dragos Cuelebre cannot believe someone had the audacity to steal from him, much less succeed. And when he catches the thief, Dragos spares her life, claiming her as his own to further explore the desire they’ve ignited in one another.


Pia Giovanni has really stepped into trouble.  She has always tried to fly under the radar most of her life.  I'm pretty sure that being manipulated into stealing a treasured item from the most powerful man in all wyrking, is not the best way to go about that.  Dragos, the leader of the Elder Races, is infuriated by the theft and the invasion, because no one steals from a dragon.  He is as intrigued by Pia, as much as he his angered by her.  And because of this, he decides to spare her life and claim her as his own.  To bad that the Dark Fae want Pia, just as much as Dragos does.  

I can't believe that it took me so long to pick this series up! I had heard wonderful things about it, and it's narrated by Sophie Eastlake, who I just adore.  The world building in this series is comprehensive, fantastical, and unique! It's a world where humans live along side the wyr, as well as vampires and the fae.  I was enveloped by this series, because I could almost feel this books emotions. This is a credit to Thea Harrison's amazing writing skill and style.   

The book's soul is it's complex characters!  This is both due to fantastic dialog and well thought out characters.  I absolutely adored Pia.  She has spent so long hiding in the shadows, that she hasn't been living up to her potential.  She's smart, resourceful, and level headed (for the most part).  She is the perfect balance for Dragos' "act first and think later" mentality.  Neither was able to find true happiness, in their past relationships.  It's like they were built for each other, not to mention that there is so much electricity between these two.  It is scorching, and kept me coming back for more.  This book contains some of the hottest sex scenes, I have ever listen to in a Paranormal Romance.  Mostly, I enjoy how Pia turns Dragos' world upside down.  He usually is in compete control at all times, but she teaches him give up a little of that control.  He is able to say the one thing most men won't...PLEASE!

Sophie Eastlake, as always, really brought this story to life for the listener.  The cast of characters is so extremely divers, that only a really talented narrator could do it justice.  I really adore how she decided to make Pia sound.  She's been through a lot in her life, so I enjoyed how she sounds tough.  She's no delicate flower, and shouldn't be read that way.  I love how she also allowed the character keep an edge of vulnerability and her sharp tongue.  I enjoy the strength that she gave Dragos, while keeping a sultry and regal nature to his voice.  I did, however, feel that Sophie's male voice rage in some what limited.  But this didn't take away very much from the story, as a whole.  The pace of this story was spot on.  And her emotional delivery of the story, gave this book even more depth. 

DRAGON BOUND was an absolute thrill ride!  Pia and Dragos jump from one terrifying adventure to another.  It held me on the edge of my seat, and kept me from putting this audiobook down.  Best part about picking up this series so late, is the back that I can binge listen to this series.  This book has such an amazing cast of characters.  Plus, I can't get enough of the Gryphon Sentinels.  I'm pretty sure that they will keep me entertained for many books to come. I immediately downloaded book 2 in this series.  This is a MUST READ for all Paranormal Romance or Urban Fantasy readers.

***Audiobook was provided by the publisher in trade for a fair review***   

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Series:  Plum Orchard Book 1
Author:  Dakota Cassidy
Narrator:  Scarlet Chase
Release Date:  9/30/14
Price:  $29.99
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Length: 11 hrs
Format: MP3-CD
Purchase at Tantor or Amazon

My Ratings

Plot:  4.5/5
Setting:  4/5
Writing:  5/5
Originality of Plot:  4/5
Characters Development:  4.5/5
Ending:  4.5/5
Heat Level:  4/5

Cover Art:  4/5
Narration:  5/5
Likelihood to Recommend:  5/5

Overall:  44.5/50 =  89%   


Plum Orchard, Georgia, is about to get even juicier…

Notorious mean girl Dixie Davis is back in town and it's payback time. Literally. Dixie is flat broke and her best—make that only—friend, Landon, is throwing her a lifeline from the Great Beyond. Dixie stands to inherit his business…if she meets a few conditions:

She's got to live in Landon's mansion.

With her gorgeous ex-fiancé, Caine Donovan.

Who could also inherit the business.

Which is a phone sex empire.

Wait, what?

Landon's will lays it out: whoever gets the most new clients becomes the owner of Call Girls. Dixie has always been in it to win it, especially when it comes to Caine, who's made it clear he's not going down easy. (Oh, mercy.) Can Dixie really talk dirty and prove that she's cleaned up her act? Game on!


The last place Dixie Davis ever want go, was back home.  And if it hadn't been for her best friend Landon's funeral, she wouldn't have.  This one-time mean girl had the tables turned on her and her fiance, which left her alone and her life in shambles.  So she ran away to start a new life, leaving her past behind.  She eventually lands on her feet.  She opens a restaurant, only to have it fail as well.  So now she comes back home penniless, still shunned by her past, and terrified to see her ex-fiance, Caine.  What could possibly convince her to stay?  Maybe the possibility of inheriting one of Landon's thriving business.  To bad its a phone sex line!  And did I forget to mention, that she has to compete and work side-by-side with Caine for the rights to run the business. To make matters worse, Dixie and Caine have to live in Landon's mansion together.  Could this get any worse for Dixie?  Of course it can!

I got way more then I bargained for with this one.  I thought I was getting a lighthearted romance, but boy was I wrong.  This book is filled with smart dialogue, humor, and a real heart!  It's a Contemporary Romance that revolves around a running a phone sex empire, this could have gone totally wrong. But at it's core, this story is held together by amazingly deep characters, hiding behind by the masks they show the world.  It was a roller coaster of emotions for me.  It made me laugh out loud at some points, and had me reaching for tissues during others.  I also loved the setting, because I grew up in a small town as well.  I know what it's like to live with the small town minds, that never forget mistakes of the past.

I couldn't help, but adore Dixie right from the start.  She proves that no one can be all bad, or all good.  And that your past mistakes shouldn't define who you become.  She grew up a lot, since the last time she was in Plum Orchard.  I enjoyed her, mostly because of her flaws.  She also had a deep internal drive, that allowed her to pick herself up and start over again. Caine was also a wonderful character.  I actually liked that I started out not liking him, but over the course of the book I fell in love with his character.  You just had to peel away his layers, like an onion.  My favorite character from this book had to be Landon.  He lived life to the fullest, and loved his friends very much.  I liked how he pops up now and then to keep these two crazy kids on the right track!

Scarlet Chase did a wonderful job narrating this story, due to her amazing ability to creating the voices of each character.  Sometimes, an authentic southern accent can be hard to create.  It can come off as cheesy sometimes, but Scarlet did it beautifully!  She's really mastered differentiating the character.  Each was very distinct voice.  She was also able to captured the deep emotions of this story, from heartbreaking despair to it's wonderful sense of humor.  Her pacing and diction are phenomenal.  She truly did this book justice.  I will be adding Scarlet to my Must Listen narrator's list!

I couldn't put this audiobook down, and I finished in record time.  In a sea of cookie cutter Contemporary Romance, this book really stands out.  Talk Dirty to Me is a story of redemption and personal evolution.  I cannot wait to pick up the next book in this series, cause I'm sure it will just as amazing.  If you are looking for a little more then just a standard romance, this is it!

***Audiobook was provided by the publisher in trade for a fair review***

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Series: Broken Destiny, Bk 1
Author: Jeaniene Frost
Narrator: Tavia Gilbert
Release Date: 8/26/14
Price: $29.95
Publisher: Blackstone Audio
Length: 8 hours 23 minutes
Format: MP3-CD
Purchase at Downpour or Amazon

My Ratings

Plot:  4.5/5
Setting:  4/5
Writing:   5/5
Originality of Plot:  5/5
Characters Development:  5/5
Ending:  4.5/5
Cover Art:  5/5
Narration: 5/5
Likelihood to Recommend:  5/5

Overall:  43/45 =  95% 


In a world of shadows, anything is possible—except escaping your fate.

Ever since she was a child, Ivy has been gripped by visions of strange realms just beyond her own. But when her sister goes missing, Ivy discovers the truth is far worse—her hallucinations are real, and her sister is trapped in a parallel realm. And the one person who believes her is the dangerously attractive guy who’s bound by an ancient legacy to betray her.

Adrian might have turned his back on those who raised him, but that doesn’t mean he can change his fate, no matter how strong a pull he feels toward Ivy. Together they search for the powerful relic that can save her sister, but Adrian knows what Ivy doesn’t: that every step brings Ivy closer to the truth about her own destiny and a war that could doom the world. Sooner or later, it will be Ivy on one side and Adrian on the other—and nothing but ashes in between.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: Helen Harper's BLOODMAGIC (Blood Destiny Bk2)

Series: Blood Destiny (Bk2)
Author: Helen Harper
Narrartor: Saskia Maarleveld
Price: $29.99
Length:  9 hour
Format: MP3-CD
Release Date: 6-10-14
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Purchase from Tantor or Audible

My Ratings

Plot:  4/5 
Setting:  4.5/5 
Writing:  4.4/5 
Originality of Plot:  4.5/5 
Characters Development:  4/5 
Ending:  5/5

Narration:  5/5
Cover Art:  4.5/5 
Likelihood to Recommend:  4/5 

Overall:  40/45 = 88%


After escaping the claws of Corrigan, the Lord Alpha of the Brethren, Mack is trying to lead a quiet lonely life in Inverness in rural Scotland, away from anyone who might happen to be a shapeshifter. However, when she lands a job at an old bookstore owned by a mysterious elderly woman who not only has a familiar passion for herbal lore but also seems to know more than she should, Mack ends up caught in a maelstrom between the Ministry of Mages, the Fae and the Brethren.

Now she has to decide between staying hidden and facing the music, as well as confronting her real feelings for the green eyed power of Corrigan himself. 


Mack is on the run, leaving her pack and past far behind her.  She picks up odd jobs and fake names along her way.  She's trying to escape not just her past but, mostly the Brethren and their sexy Lord Alpha.  Mack ends up with a job at a dusty little book shop, owned by a strange little old lady who has a secret of her own.  Nothing could possibly go wrong there, could it?

I'm really loving this series!  It has a great mix of intriguing creatures, wit, and wonderful world building.  Poor Mack gets herself into one bit of trouble after another.  But I love her fairy spirit and personal strength.  She's not your standard damsel in distress.  She doesn't need Prince Charming, or the Lord Alpha, to rescue her.  I think that Helen Harper does a great job creating interesting secondary characters, who bring there own new spin to the story.  I do, however, wish that Mack's core group stayed more consistent.  I think that it would give the story little more depth.
The only thing I disliked about this book, is that she and the Lord Alpha aren't any closer to getting together.  It's making me crazy!  I just wanted a more of a tease to get me through to the next book.  The connection between these two characters, is probably my favorite part of this series. I know this isn't Paranormal Romance, but it their connection is just so intriguing . 

Once again, Saskia Maarleveld's performance in this book is spot on!  Her accent almost teleports me to Cornwall, and it's surrounding areas.  She created such distinct voices for each of her characters, both male and female.  It's such an amazing talent to pull off a credible male voice, as a female narrator.  And Saskia does it  over and over again for each of the characters.  She also is able to convey all of this stories vast range of emotions, from it's light hearted humor to it's fear and terror.  I'm pretty sure I couldn't picture this series being narrated by anyone else.

Both Helen Harper and Saskia Maarleveld, make the decision to pick up book 3 in this series very easy!  The spectacular world and fast paced action, kept me on the edge of my seat.  Book 2 sets up a very interesting storyline for book 3.  I can't wait to see what Mack and Lord Shifty have in store for us.  If you are looking for a good Urban Fantasy, this is probably one for you.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Best of 2014 - Blogger's Edition

Like most internet savvy readers, I find most of my new books and series by checking out my favorite book bloggers recommendations.  I have asked.... to stop by and talk about their favorite books of 2014!

 Top Books of 2014

#1 Universal Alien {Katherine Kitty Katt Series #10} by Gini Koch - Space Opera/Sci-fi
It's book 10 in the series and Gini was able to deliver a fantastic and very original story that I absolutely loved!

#2 Light My Fire (Dragon Kin, #7) by G.A. Aiken - Paranormal Romance
G.A. Aiken aka Shelly Laurenston can write a hilarious romance like no other and Light My Fire is not only a great book, it is an epic story!

#3 Seventh Grave and No Body (Charley Davidson, #7) by Darynda Jones - Urban Fantasy
Another Hilarious addition to an awesome series!

#4 Fear Nothing (Detective D.D. Warren, #7) by Lisa Gardner - Mystery/Thriller
One of my favorite series ever and a superb novel!

#5 Shield of Winter (Psy-Changeling, #13) by Nalini Singh - Paranormal Romance
Nalini's Psy-Changeling series is always on my favorites list every year. She can do no wrong!

Favorite Book Cover for 2014


Favorite Series of 2014

October Daye Series by Shenan Mcguire - Urban Fantasy
I absolutely adore this series and I feel it is very underrated by people. More people should check it out, it's amazing!


The Book Vixen

Book Blog Address: http://www.thebookvixen.com/
Twitter Handle:  @thebookvixen

Top Books of 2014

#1  Black Widow by Jennifer Estep (urban fantasy) - I absolutely love this series. This book had some great twists and turns.

#2 Decker's Wood by Kirsty Dallas (contemporary romance, romantic comedy) - This was a delightful surprise. I had never read anything by this author before. I forget how/where I stumbled upon this book but as soon as I discovered the hero is a porn star, I had to read it.

#3 Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan (contemporary romance, MC romance) - Book crack. Raw, edgy, intense book crack. I love how the author has a 'warning' in the book description. Only made me want to read this book even more.

Favorite Book Cover for 2014

 I have the hardest time picking favorite covers

Favorite Series of 2014

The Undeniable series by Madeline Sheehan. I glommed through the first 3 books.


Blogger: The Lit Bitch 
Book Blog Address: http://www.thelitbitch.com
Twitter Handle: @thelitbitch

Top Books of 2014

#1 The Bronze Horseman (Genre: Historic Fiction/Romance)
Why I loved it: This was one of those books where I was completely wrapped up in the story more than the characters. I was fascinated by the history of Leningrad. This story is rich and complex. There is so many great things to say about it that I just don’t know where to begin. It’s full of history, romance, tragedy, forbidden love, tormented heroes, innocence, war, and hope.

#2 Letters from Skye by Jessica Brockmole (Genre: Historic Fiction/Romance)
Why I loved it: A forbidden love story written entirely in letters spanning two world wars? Be still my heart! There is something surprisingly intimate about a letter. I felt like I knew the characters in such a unique and intimate way. I connected with them so much more deeply than I have with other characters in a standard novel.

#3 Daughter of the Gods by Stephanie Thornton (Genre: Historic Fiction)
Why I loved it: I love how Thornton takes these women and elevates their story far above an average biography. While her novels are ‘fiction’ many of the events and people are real and did actually happen. Strong characters, intriguing story, rich history, forbidden romance, tragedy, and conspiracy. If you haven’t read Thornton before, she is a marvelous story teller and you will learn a little history while enjoying a truly engaging story!

#4 Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth (Genre: Historic Fiction/Romance/Fantasy)
Why I loved it: This story was magical! I loved how Forsyth sprinkled magic and witchcraft throughout the story. It wasn’t the focal point of the story though which I loved. It added to the novel and the characters, rather than stealing the spotlight on its own. The characters were complex and imaginative and their stories were richly developed and intriguing. While the focus was mainly on the women in the novel, there were wonderfully sensual love stories and love scenes that made the reader fall in love right along with the heroines!

#5 Bhalla Strand by Sarah Maine (Genre: Historic Fiction/Mystery)
Why I loved it: I love a good Gothic romance and this had all the things that I love in Gothic novels…..crumbling estates, forbidden/tragic love, ruined families, fall from grace….everything!
It was wonderfully atmospheric and rich in symbolism. The author really utilized the landscape, weather, and wildlife to her advantage. The landscape for me was a key figure throughout the novel, it was almost a character unto itself. It was a fast read and engaging from the very beginning. I loved the rich mystery and the intriguing family secrets and lies.

Favorite Book Cover for 2014

Favorite Series of 2014

The Remnant Chronicles by Mary E Pearson or The Maggie Hope Mysteries by Susan Elia MacNeal


Book Blog Address: www.smexybooks.com
Twitter Handle: @smexybooks

Top Books of 2014

#1  Romancing the Duke by Tessa Dare (historical). Tessa Dare has a knack for writing the cutest, most adorable romance and also making them quite dirty. It's really a great combination. In Romancing the Duke, the heroine inherits a castle where the hero already resides...and doesn't want to leave. He is hostile, scarred and has impaired vision and is all around very delicious.Their romance is lovely.

#2  Into the Shadows by Carolyn Crane (suspense). Another book with a tortured, scarred hero (I'm so weak for them) with great suspense and an awesome heroine. These two love-hate each other, and it's hot. And then the hate goes away and they are passionate and intense. Very good suspense story too. Highly recommend this one.

#3  Suddenly Last Summer by Sarah Morgan (contemporary). The second book in what has been a wonderful series about the O'Neill brothers. The hero is a busy doctor, not wanting to go home to his family's winter resort and woes. The heroine is from France and passionate about cooking and life in general. This romance simmers all through the book. And I also love the entire family - they add a lot to the story.

Favorite Book Cover

Favorite Series of 2014

The Ivy Years by Sarina Bowen. A new adult series that combines hockey and romance. She explores serious issues and writes just the right amount of angst and intense emotional drama. The third book of the series is a m/m while the others are m/f. I love this author's voice and I can't wait to see what she gives us in 2015.


Blogger: Rachel
Book Blog Address: http://www.fiktshun.com
Twitter Handle: @fiktshun

Top Books of 2014

#1 ENDLESS KNIGHT by Kresley Cole (YA paranormal). It was dark, sexy, action-packed. Love the characters and the world. The ending was killer.

#2 A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU by Claudia Gray (YA Sci-fi/Fantasy). The worlds were incredible, the story was epic, the love story was beautiful and heartbreaking.

#3 SNOW LIKE ASHES by Sara Raasch (YA High Fantasy). A riveting and imaginative story. The world-building, plot, characters were all awesome. Totally addictive and unputdownable.

#4 ZODIAC by Romina Russell (YA Sci-fi). An amazing world, universe, galaxy. Epic, action-packed, fascinating, heartbreaking.

#5 FORECAST by Rinda Elliott (YA fantasy/urban fantasy). Non-stop action, swoon-worthy romance and awesome mythology. Fast-paced, one-sit-read.

Favorite Book Cover for 2014

Suspicion by Alexandra Monir. Gorgeous and elegant.

Favorite Series of 2014

The White Rabbit Chronicles by Gena Showalter. The last book in this series released in 2014 and it was an epic finish to a fantastic series packed full of zombie-killing action, angst-y romance, bad boys, and a kick-ass heroine.


Top Books of 2014

#1 Revenant by Larissa Ione, Paranormal Romance – While the hero is jaded, he hasn’t lost the kind soul that is buried deep within him. This is the last story in the series, and while sad, I am happy to say it went out with a band instead of lingering on forever.     
#2 Chained by Night by Larissa Ione – Paranormal Vampire Romance – The hero is conflicted, the heroine misguided, but both want the same things. The action was breath taking and left me wanting the next book in this series, now!

#3 Dark Skye by Kresley Cole – Paranormal Romance – This book has been one I have longed to come out years ago. Kids who are fated to be mates, but betrayal leads them apart. I never thought they could overcome the odds, but Kresley is a genius at getting the action, love and smirky humor to all come together in the end.

#4 Loving Him Off the Field by JeanetteMurray  - Contemporary Sports Romance – Well it’s football romance, what’s not to love about it? I love how Jeanette creates strong, confident females that do have a vulnerable side. Throw in a kicker who has a secret even his teammates don’t know about. These two overcome a lot to be together.
#5 Reaper’s Stand by Joanna Wylde – Motorcycle Club Romance – While I have no ikling of what MC life is like, I loved that Joanna went out on a limb for a more mature romance. This was at times darker than I cared to read, but also it showed a softer side to a man who can be hard as nails and no fear of killing the woman he thinks he might be falling in love with.   

Favorite Book Cover for 2014

Favorite Series of 2014

Lords of Deliverance/Demonica by Larissa Ione


Blogger:  Limecello​
Book Blog Address:  www.tartsweet.com​
Twitter Handle:  @Limecello

Top Books of 2014 

#1  Since I Saw You by Beth Kery.  ​(Contemporary erotic romance)​
I loved SiSY because it's everything a romance should be. It features a fantastic and unique heroine and hero, has developed secondary characters as well, is romantic and realistic, but extraordinary too​. And the feelings. Everyone should read this book, and I only wish there were many more romances like it.  This was my absolute favorite book out of the series, and hands down my favorite read from this year.​

#2  The Chocolate Temptation by Laura Florand. (Contemporary romance) 
I'm such a foodie and I love sweets, so reading a story set in a [French] kitchen was so much fun. Even if it had been set somewhere else though, it would still have been great. My favorite thing was how absolutely stupid in love Patrick was with Sarah, and how they're so unsure of each other. I've already re-read this book a number of times.

#3  A Bollywood Affair by Sonali Dev. ​​​(​ I think it's technically labeled as women​'s fiction ... but I say it's a romance)
 I first started hearing about this book in May from Courtney Milan, and Nalini Singh. (And I mean, that's some kind of recommendation right there you know?) I liked the window into a different culture, and would love to see more of it. (Come on - admit you enjoyed Bride and Prejudice...) Beyond that though, the forbidden love, and the misunderstanding, and the way it all just comes together. For a debut book, Ms. Dev knocked it out of the park.

#​4  Shield of Winter by Nalini Singh. (Paranormal romance) 
I mean ... Psy/Changeling. Vasic. Enough said, right? (Right!) And Rabbit the dog. I freaking cannot wait for Shards of Hope - June 2015 is so far out it's enough to make a girl want to cry.

#5  Nights with Him by Lauren Blakely.  ​​(​Contemporary [erotic] romance) 
I read this recently so that helps, but I really liked that the hero and heroine could stand on their own. Much like Since I Saw You - the hero and heroine don't need each other for anything but love. I really like that in romances - and the other nice thing is that he hero was the one who "gave everything up" for the heroine. A nice twist, and memorable enough to make it to my tops. Also of course well written - I'll be re-reading it, and reading more of Ms. Blakely's books.

Favorite Book Cover for 2014
    ​ ​
    E​rm,  I'm absolutely certain I've seen some stunners, but none come to mind. :X

    Favorite Series of 2014

    ​ Amour et Chocolat - come on, with that series title it's almost unfair how catchy it is ;)​


Blogger:  BJ's Reviews
Book  Blog Address: http://www.bjsreviews.com/
Twitter Handle:  @BjsReviews

Top Books of 2014

#1. Black Lies by Alessandra Torre (Erotic Romance):  Wow, without a doubt, this has got to be one of the most clever, unique plots, I have ever read! This book blew me away both with its completely unguessable suspense filled plot and its erotic nature.

#2. The Saint by Tiffany Reisz (Erotic Romance):  Ms. Reisz is really in a class of her own.  The religious symbolism and forbidden nature of this romance is so engaging that I was unable to put this book down until I finished it all!  Then I spent a number of days afterwards digesting just how intricate and well crafted this romance was.

#3. MC Chronicles:  The Diary of Bink Cummings Volume 1 by Bink Cummings (Erotic Romance):  I'm a huge MC romance fan, and have read dozens of them, but, without a doubt, none even come close to the dramatic feelings that The Diary of Bink Cummings inspired.  What makes this even more of a gem is that it's a true story!  If you love highly erotic, forbidden love type romances, then I can't recommend The Diary of Bink Cummings highly enough! 

Favorite Cover of 2014

  Blyss (The Blyss Trilogy 1) by JC Cliff 

Favorite Series of 2014

Dream Man by Kristen Ashley 


Blogger:  Chick Lit Plus (Samantha)
Book Blog Address: 
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Top Books of 2014

#1 Dangled Carat by Hilary Grossman, Chick Lit. This book reads like chick lit but is actually a memoir from Grossman. I was so impressed at the writing and fluidity throughout and I loved the ending!

#2 Goodnight June by Sarah Jio, Women’s Fiction. A must read for book lovers. There are beautiful sub-plots and such a tender story and lesson about sisterhood and what it means to be a sister within the pages. 

#3 The Achilles Heel by Karyn Rae, Romantic Suspense. I found this novel extremely hard to put down. Tight writing, interesting storyline, and beautiful settings.

#4 Miss Spelled by Sarah Belle, Women’s Fiction. A clever magical twist in the plot made this book unique and a favorite of mine for 2014.

#5 How Do You Know? by Meredith Schorr, Women’s Fiction. One of my favorite writers, Schorr delivers a moving novel that left me guessing up until the end.

Favorite Book Cover for 2014

Cure For the Common Breakup, Beth Kendrick
The Achilles Heel, Karyn Rae
Dangled Carat, Hilary Grossman

Favorite Series of 2014

The Girlfriends Series, Savannah Page


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Top Books of 2014

"New Adult" Contemporary - This book had my emotions all over the place. I have never cried as hard as I did when I hit one point in this book. I Loved the characters and the story. Without a doubt the best book I've read in 2014.

"New Adult" Contemporary - I've never read anything like this before and I couldn't get enough. It was amazing on a whole new level. Loved the characters and how different this one was.

"New Adult" Contemporary - I've loved the previous two books but I wouldn't wait for this one. I think it's a tie for my favorite of the series so far with the first one. In a word... PICK! That book boy was amazing and has a special place in my heart.

"New Adult" Fantasy, Paranormal Romance - This author NEVER fails to bring the amazing and epic to her books. And Jeric.. yeah. He's got a certain WOW factor to this trilogy and the story is refreshing and there's NEVER a lull while reading, the books fly by! Love them!

"New Adult" Dark, Romantic Suspense, Mystery - This title seriously messed with my head. And even months after reading it I still can't believe how this authors mind works. I have the second book that I need to read and I'm holding off reading because I have a feeling it's going to mess with my head in a whole new level.

YA Paranormal, Supernatural, Romance, Fantasy - It's Dante! That should be enough. It was so hard reading this and saying goodbye to a favorite YA character of mine, yet I loved it. I could read this trilogy over and over again. Such a great story!

"New Adult" Contemporary, Romance, Military, Sports - I knew once I read the synopsis that I'd love this book and I wasn't let down. The story is equal parts heart breaking and warming and I loved the characters and what they were going through. This is a must watch author for me. With writing, characters and a story like that, it's easy to want more from her. Can't wait!

Favorite Book Cover for 2014

A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird #1) by Claudia Gray
Cage (Corps Security #2) by Harper Sloan (even though this book came out in 2013 it had a new cover this year and it's Jase, so yeah... enough said)
Breaking Away (Assassins #5) ) by Toni Aleo
The Space Beyond (The Book of Phoenix #2) by Kristie Cook
Chasing the Tide (Reclaiming the Sand #2) by A. Meredith Walters

Favorite Series of 2014

When I Break (When I Break #1) by Kendall Ryan
Boarded by Love (Bellevue Bullies #1) by Toni Aleo
Lost in Me (Here and Now #1) by Lexi Ryan
Upside Down (Off the Map #1) by Lia Riley
White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Ride (Bayonet Scars #1) by J.C. Emery
Tattoo Thief (Tattoo Thief #1) by Heidi Joy Tretheway


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Top Books of 2014

#1 Evernight by Kristen Callihan  (Paranormal Romance) - Kristen Callihan writes great romance and her mash up of paranormal romance with historical romance sucks me in every time.
#2 Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop (Urban Fantasy) - I love how different Anne Bishop's The Others series is. The weres/shifters are not the romantic mushy and cuddly kind. 
#3 Black Widow by Jennifer Estep (Urban Fantasy) - Gin Blanco is a great UF heroine and I love revisiting her world with each installment of the Elemental Assassin series. 
#4 Bitter Spirits by Jenn Bennett (Paranormal Romance) - I have a new found love for the roaring 20s thanks to Jenn Bennett. This is an era I've not read before and I want more!
#5 Screwdrivered by Alice Clayton (Contemporary Romance) - Screwdriver is a must read for romance readers. The heroine loves to read romances novels and often thinks she's living in one. It's took funny!

Favorite Book Cover for 2014

Favorite Series of 2014

Immortals After Dark by Kresley Cole (Paranormal Romance)


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Top Books of 2014

#1 Mean Streak by Sandra Brown, romantic suspense, an amazing mystery and one of my all time fave book heroes...ever!

#2 Dirty, Rowdy Thing by Christina Lauren, erotic/contemporary romance, delicious hero mixed with a sassy heroine and a TON of heat!

#3 Fighting Love by Abby Niles, contemporary romance, Interesting story line, amazing characters and a ton of emotion behind it

#4 Full Measures by Rebecca Yarros
, NA, two well-developed and fantastic main characters with a plot that was both heart wrenching and beautiful

#5 Up To Me by Christi Barth, contemporary romance, this is one of the best written stories with amazing setting detail and a cast of unforgettable characters. 

Favorite Book Cover for 2014

Favorite Series of 2014

The Line of Duty Series by Tessa Bailey


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